The activities of Brahmic Consciousness under the jurisdiction of Kundalini Shakti

Published: 23rd March 2006
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In the human body one finds an abounding storehouse of divinely conscious light. But for daily life usage very little of it is utilized. Only a very minute part of this light is used for eating, sleeping and other daily routine activities. Because of previous habit only a small part is utilized. No doubt there is a lot of power present but it is in a latent state. If it is activated so as to utilize it for apt purposes then one can only be amazed at the tasks which one can carry out under its aegis. One is wonderstruck to see the endeavour and activities of these great souls. Ordinarily only 7% of electrical energy that pervades the body and head is utilized by the most busy laymen in their daily routine. The remaining part can be activated by awakening the Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) present in every individual. One can become spiritually as much powerful as one awakens this latent Kundalini power present within us all.

Scientists firmly opine that the anatomy of the human brain is very complicated. In it every neuron is joined by 60,000 synapses. The transfer of an impulse (message) from one neuron to another is of the speed of 360 miles/hour. Then they return to their original position. All these impulses come from the brain electrical energy. According to Sweden's Biologist, Holder Hayden, it is due to this electrical impulse that thought cells become sensitive to nerves. The activation of radiance, valour, discrimination is the result of the impulse of these cells.

According to the famous thinker-scientist Albert Einstein the human memory storehouse has the power to store 1000 arab impulses (messages) which amounts to 5 times the information given in 30 Vols. of Encyclopedia Britannica. The human brain made up of 10 arab neurons and 10 arab synapses is a storehouse of extraordinary qualities and is a magic box. Many scientists and brain specialists like Dr. D. C. Reef, L. H. Sneider, Dr. William Horvij, Dr. Martin W. Bar etc. on being amazed with the special characteristic of the brain say that it is beyond the reach of man to build such a super computer like the brain.

In those rare ones, one sees amazing special radiance from childhood itself. This is the miracle of an awakened Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power). Acharya Shankar at the tender age of 3 years had mastered his mother tongue Malayalam. He memorized legends in Puranas etc. by hearing the same from his parents. He was bestowed the thread ceremony at the age of 5 years and immediately sent for higher studies. By the age of 7 years he had mastered Vedant, Vedic Texts etc. At the age of 8 years he was initiated into Sanyas. In a very short time he became a Sidha Yogi. By the age of 16 years he had completed his writings of commentaries on all major Vedic Texts.

Ancient history of Indian culture is a witness of this truth that in the area of soul advancement the Rishis were way ahead from the very commencement of their life. One can read many such descriptions which give us a glimpse of results of awakened unknown divine wealth.

It is possible that some readers may find the above descriptions a mere exaggeration. But one should note that there are many recent examples too. Alexandra Graham Bell invented the telephone at the age of 20 years and Bilver Right invented the airplane at the age of 32 years. Ely Whitey at the age of 29 years invented the machine that separates cotton from their seeds and Blaise Pascal invented the calculator at the age of 32 years. James Christen at the age of 12 years had mastered various languages like Arab, Greek, Hebrew, Flemish etc. All these people have secured a place in the "Guinness Book of World Records."

The famous poet Gatey at the tender age of 14 years wrote the famous poem "Thoughts in the Disteto of Jesus Christ into Hell". Victor Hugo by the age of 14 years had written 3000 poems. Saint Jnaneshwar wrote the "Jnaneshwari Geeta" at the age of 15 years. Sikandar left on a world campaign at the age of 20 years. The Mughal King Akbar ascended the royal throne at the age of 19 years and became very famous. Emperor Akbar at the age of 20 years and Shivaji at the age of 19 years ascended the royal throne.

The analysis and discussion of Kundalini science is in reality awakening of divine latent powers. If such a spiritual Yogic practise is possible via remedy then one can extraordinarily augment bodily might and psychic radiance. The levels of valour, bravery, daring, enthusiasm, vigour, alertness, engrossment and understanding can become so extraordinary that activities carried out through this medium can perforce attract great success.

The forms of human beings are very similar but their character is so varied that one is simply amazed. So many people despite having a normal anatomy are yet living a life of abject despair and live a life of sheer burden. On the other hand there are people with such similar circumstances who by their strong psychic power create such situations that they attain mountains of success. Although their lives are full of obstacles yet they convert them into foundation stones of success. Their great will power gives them such a path of success that they easily reach their goal. They crush all obstacles that come in their way and triumphantly reach their destination. This is the miracle of awakened divine power.

The body is influenced by the mind in an extraordinary manner. Under circumstances when the supply of vital force electricity is not apt, all our bodily activities slacken. This results in illnesses and diseases and in order to overcome it we take medicines. But it is seen that because the root cause of illnesses are not tackled properly what happens that when we take medicines the first illness disappears and a new illness takes over. The illnesses just changes form but does not disappear in toto. In order to come out of this trap one should augment one's bodily electric storehouse and if this is experimented on diseased bodily parts, one can get great results.

If the mind overcomes greed, delusion, thoughts, desires etc., man can become radiant and a leader amongst men. Even under ordinary circumstances when there are no other means or human aids yet such people with their individual magnetism attract towards themselves all that they require form the cosmos. Such radiant men advance in life on their own spiritual strength and by making an assembly like the bamboo shrub, reach extraordinary heights in all spheres of life. This is the result of his inner activated vital force. This in fact is the Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power). When it is activated man becomes burden free and fearless and he combats obstacles, hardships in such a way as though he is showing his professional skills in a sports stadium.

Everyone knows what is the power of sense organs. Everyone utilizes hands, legs, eyes, ears, tongue etc. but within them there is an invisible covering just as within the body is the vital force. Even if we do not directly experience the vital force yet we accept its existence. In the same way over and above the ordinary functions of the sense organs there is an intense potential of understanding and execution of high leveled tasks that are subtle in nature. This is called extrasensory potential. This is not seen in all humans ordinarily but if a person's psyche is activated spiritually then in them extrasensory potential too is at work. Extrasensory potential includes the thought imprints of past lives, knowing one's own and others' future, knowing events taking place in distant lands without the help of any technical apparatus, sending one's own thoughts to others, understanding others thoughts and intentions etc. It is called Supramental Science and there are infinite examples of these in the entire world. According to Yogic Sciences there is an extraordinary reaction on the Sahasrar Chakra as a result of Kundalini awakening. The divine centers of extrasensory potential by giving up their unconscious state become active and they start seeing, hearing, knowing things which ordinarily would have been impossible. Our gross sense organs can never see /understand the innumerable movements of inter-stellar space, its sounds and its lights. These gross sense organs can only imbibe gross knowledge of the world. But if one's extrasensory potential is activated, it is possible to understand the mysteries of the universe just like Sidhas who have followed the path of Yoga. In those rare ones this extrasensory potential has already been activated in past births and some others with intense efforts activate it in this life.

In Indian Religion History one can find innumerable examples of people having attained extrasensory potential via Kundalini activation.

Sanjay seated in the royal palace gave a running commentary to King Dhritarashtra of what was taking place in the Mahabharat war.

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu had seen the Lilabhumi (place where divine sports were carried out) of Lord Shri Krishna. He walked from Bengal to Vrindavan and established it as a pilgrim spot.

When Swami Vivekanand was in England he met Jamshedji Tata who had gone there to get permission to set up an iron factory. Tata met Swamiji and asked Swamiji where he could get enough quantities of iron ore, coal and water. Swamiji with his divine hindsight asked Tata to set up his factory in the Sinha Bhumi district of Bihar on the banks of Sakchi river. In that area, said Swamiji, you will find enough raw materials to set up your factory.

In the gross body and psychic area there are many Chakras, glands, plexuses, Naadis and their divine flow of energy. Amongst these some are in the gross-physical body and the others are in the subtle and casual bodies. In order to activate these 3 bodies one has to perform austerities and Yogic practices of various levels. But if these spiritual practices are taken up on one's own power then it takes up a lot of time and is also full of hardships. But if one gets someone's help to activate the gross, subtle and causal bodies then instead of undergoing long intricate austerities, one can in a relatively short time span benefit spiritually. This should not be termed ordinary.

In the above lines only those facts have been discussed which come under the jurisdiction of the body and mind. If these are evolved spiritually then one attains extraordinary success in Kundalini worship (Divine Serpent Power). Apart from this there are 2 other areas called cosmic consciousness and Brahman consciousness. In order to empower them the waves of soul electricity are of great help.

Prakriti (Mother Nature) is cosmic consciousness. Scriptural scholars call it Maya (illusory power of God). Its movements direct and properly manage the activities of the world. Scientists by opening the superficial coverings of cosmic consciousness (nature) have made many inventions and discoveries. But whatever has been attained by modern science can be compared to the size of a mustard seed since a mountain-full of secret sciences yet remain to be discovered. There is so much yet remaining that needs to be unfolded. It is possible that this discovery cannot be made with technical apparatus and machines. Hence the level of man's awakened consciousness should be so subtle that it can see the deep recesses of mother nature (Prakriti) like a very transparent piece of glass. This stage can be attained by creating radiance in the area of Kundalini.

The branch of child procreation is such that instead of it being limited to sexual intercourse it covers the area of genes and chromosomes. This branch of science is called Genetics. Ordinarily like other birds and beasts even man begets children but man does not have the ability to create high leveled special qualities in their children. No doubt one can see the parent's skin colour, shape of eyes etc. in the body but what should be the inner character of a newborn child? What special qualities should shine in the inner personality of the child? An ordinary layman can never judge all this aptly but an awakened Kundalini (Divine Serpent Power) can satisfy your mind's desire. In Indian Mythology (Puranas) there are innumerous examples of a mother becoming pregnant without sexual intercourse and this was possible by attracting subtle divine powers on the basis of intense spiritual practices undertaken by that person. Such a newborn babe was always full of radiance and divine glory.

Kunti gave birth to Karna with Surya's (Sun's) power, Yudhisthir from Dharmaraj, Bhima from Vayu, Arjun from Indra without any sexual union. Madri her co-wife was also taught this secret science and as a result through Ashwini Kumar's power gave birth to Nakul and Sahadeva. In the same way Anjani gave birth to Hanuman with Vayu's power. Thus those experiments of Genetic Engineering in the modern science of the 21st century seem very dwarfish in comparison to the above mythological examples. Not only this but in ancient times through spiritual experimentation extraordinary children with activated extrasensory potential have taken birth. Lord Ram and his 3 brothers were born as a result of Putreshti Yajna. Dhrupad begetted Draupadi and Dhrishtadyumna via a Yajna. Draupadi possessed extraordinary beauty, discrimination and enterprise. Dhrishtadyumna was the Army Chief of the Pandava Army during the Mahabharat war.

Vritrasur too was born due to execution of a Yajna. No weapon could kill him. It was only the thunderbolt made from Rishi Dadeechi's bones (that were spiritually activated) which could kill Vritasur. In an atmosphere of activated vital force intense life force electricity generated through intense penance could activate special radiance in newborn babes. On this basis were born Luv-Kush in Rishi Valmiki's hermitage, Bharat in Maharshi Kanva's hermitage, Vatsaraj Udayan in Maharshi Jamadagni's hermitage etc with extraordinary radiance.

There is a traditional system with reference to cosmic consciousness (nature). Due to the touch of cosmic consciousness one can bring about limited or widespread changes. In this manner if man so desires he can bring about necessary and useful changes in the Geography of the cosmos with the help of his spiritual powers. To a great extent cosmic consciousness gets influenced by it.

In Dakshineshwar there was a discussion of the influence of consciousness on nature. One devotee said that due to the general characteristic of Mother Nature one plant can give only one type of flower but could the influence of consciousness give more than one variety of flowers on one single plant? Paramhans replied : At the level of consciousness it is possible to bring about almost all kinds of changes.

When the next day some devotees arrived they saw the same rose plant with 2 different colours of roses. One was red in colour and the other was white. In amazement when they came to Paramhansji, the latter merely smiled. For great saints who are full of divine power all this is very ordinary, yet in order to instill faith about soul consciousness (God) in the hearts of laymen they perform such amazing feats. All this is not exhibitionism and never should it be done to flaunt one's divine powers.

The famous legend of Bhagirath who via austerities brought the Ganges river to earth from heaven tells us how he became one with cosmic consciousness and how human consciousness can rule over it. Atri's wife Anasuya via her austerity power aided one stream of Manasarovar to flow in the Chitrakoot region in the form of Mandakini. All these events are enumerated over here to show how important these examples are which ordinarily are ignored by those who believe in tangible proof only. All these natural transformations are possible even today.

Brahman consciousness is synonymous with God consciousness. It is the Lord of the cosmos. Not only this but it has imbued man's body with Mother Nature's and its own cast. Whatever is in the macrocosm (cosmos) is there in the microcosm (individual). Whatever is there in the all-pervasive soul (God) is there in the individual soul (man).

God is not like one single entity. Because innumerable gross, subtle and casual bodies are conjoined to Him. Some of these are of very ordinary stature and the rest are full of divine powers. But none of them are independent. They are united to Brahman (God) just as many pearls are threaded in a single thread. Electricity travels amongst all intricate wires and thus gets scattered. This electricity is present just about everywhere and can be utilized for beneficial goals. In this manner Kundalini Shakti (Divine Serpent Power) is not only related to every area of cosmic consciousness (Para Prakriti) but based on specific requirements it can conjoin to the soul of all statures that are united to God. This establishment of a relationship is not without a goal. Because behind it there are important causes and with this relationship these goals are realized. This is a gigantic achievement. If an aspirant establishes a relationship with every unit of nature (Prakriti) and God as a result of this executes useful tasks then it can only be compared to the utility of fire which is the result of a spark uniting with fuel.

Through an exchange one can get a telephone connection in any city and to any individual. In the same way when you conjoin to soul consciousness (God), you can send messages, directions, requests, commands to any individual of the entire world and based on his potential and desire he can get an answer too.

Brahman center is the Brahmarandhra (scalp region). It is here that one finds the Sahasrar Kamal (1000-petalled lotus). It is also called the North Pole. Cosmic consciousness (Prakriti Chetana) is present in the Mooladhar Chakra (plexus) of our body. This is the root source of electricity transfer. The Mooladhar Chakra is joined to the Sahasrar Kamal via the Merudand's Devyaan Marg. It is also the Brahmadand. It is also the Triveni Sangam (3-fold focal point) of the 6 Chakras (plexuses), Ida, Pingala and Sushumna. All this discussion of Kundalini Science was aimed at unfolding the mysteries of the importance of this ancient science, achieving the impossible through spiritual austerities and describe the human capacity to control human consciousness.

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